Look! We all have our guilty pleasures and hair is mine. From the time I was old enough to handle my own tresses until now, I find myself every now and then dibble dabbling in the latest hair trends. I learned to cornrow my hair by the age of ten because my mother only knew how to underbraid, which was not my preferred taste.

Without telling you my age, I remember when Dark and Lovely Relaxers became a household name. I slipped into the world of Jerri Curls and all its juice with Softsheen Carson Care Free Curls. It wasn’t long after that I decided to upscale my curls with the Wave Nouveau look. Thirsty for curls, I would risk adding the Wave Nouveau to my relaxed hair. Surviving a “what the f*k did I do to my hair” moment, I can now laugh at my forced upon TWA.

Oh Diane! As I was often teased by family when I decided to embrace the new trend of hair braiding extensions also dubbed as weave. Every now and then Hype Hair and Black Hair would be my go to black hair magazines. When I look at what women of color have accomplished with their hair, I laugh and think about how we are no longer being policed with our hair choices within our own community.

Your hair is the wonderful freedom of expression and totality.

I was once asked at work, “How many hats do you have?” referring to my expanding dictionary of hair styles. I laughed as I thought, brother, you just don’t have a clue as to what I can do.

Who knows, maybe one day we will cross each other’s path and you might catch me side eyeing you. It’s okay, I am simply wondering about the depths of your hair and the beauty of your crown…..and how can I get that look too!

I love to experiment and most times learn how to style my own hair. I’m not a hair stylist, nor wanted to be one. Honestly, I have a fascination with the mechanics of the hair styles. Lol, I even tried test driving hair styles on my children for picture day….I will share a little about that in a few.

Heart Icon“I get it…You love hair. You want to feel wonderful and incredible!”

If you’re like me, you love hair…… Why shouldn’t we embrace the revolution that women of color are creating in the hair culture. Of course you’ve heard that Madame C.J. Walker known as the first female self-made millionaire, paved the way for us to usher into our communities quality hair products catering to our hair care needs.

Everyone knows women of color want hair extensions that suit and accentuate the texture of our hair. This need helped me to make a decision to jump on board the hair extension movement. I have had my fair share of weaves that were disastrous. I am at the point now that when I see a bad weave I want to say, “Girl, let me put you on!” Your precious crown deserves the best hair with flair!

Wanting to help women of color feel good about their hair,  I decided to open up my own hair boutique online. Your feeling beautiful and looking astonishing with confidence empowers me to help you access phenomenal hair. How long have you been waiting to get your hands on sensational hair that is long lasting with effortless upkeep? What if little by little Bougee Hair could help you experience more and more confidence in your hair journey? Take a minute and see yourself embody the nature of a queen with the fierceness of a diva with these incredible 100% Virgin Remy Hair Extensions.

The further and further you browse through this website, the more you will realize that my hair will offer you an amazing lifestyle. Picture yourself five years from now absolutely happy because you chose to try these extensions. Honestly, I felt like new money when I did my own hair with these extensions. I am willing to pay a high cost for my guilty pleasure if it means uplifting my spirit.


The guilty pleasures of having a different hairstyle every few weeks stokes my fire. I just can’t help it. My daughters will tell you that I am not me if my hair is not expressing itself in some shape form or fashion. Truth be made known, you will hardly ever hear me say, “I’m having a bad hair day.”

So yes ladies, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a hair addict. I hope that you’re not ashamed too!

Chrisena Allen
The Lifestyle Connoisseur

“Your feeling beautiful and looking astonishing with confidence empowers me to help you access phenomenal hair extensions.”