Bougee Hair Launches I Love Remy Hair Week


July 20, 2018

Chrisena Allen



BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Women across the nation, who wear Remy hair extensions, are being invited to show some love on July 22-29, 2018 with the hashtag #iloveremyhair.

Bougee Hair Boutique, a company designed to empower women through the medium of hair, is launching “I Love Remy Hair Week.” This event was created to show appreciation to the thousands of women across the world who supply Remy hair, explains Chrisena Allen, creator of Bougee Hair Boutique.

I found it remarkably interesting that the women behind the Remy hair movement remain shadowy or virtually invisible. While combing the media to discover the ins and outs of the hair trade, you will frequently find documentaries on illusive Remy hair trading.  Rarely is there acknowledgement about the lives of the women who shave their heads.

Not only does shaving off their hair come with a price, shedding the essence of their beauty and femininity come with an enlightening and empowering story. A story of a giver and a receiver.

The “Giver,” who pledges or sells her hair, is empowered to:

  • Honor her spiritual beliefs.
  • Provide financial support for herself or her family.
  • Act as a charitable force in her community.

The “Receiver,” who wears Remy hair extensions or wigs, typically feels beautiful, more desirable and confident. This boosts the receiver’s sense of:

  • Worth
  • Purpose
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-esteem
  • Sensuality

“Hair is a fabric that weaves the giver and receiver together,” states Chrisena Allen. “What people don’t realize is that hair has the power to transform the lives of women on opposite sides of the world. In a sense, the giver and receiver need each other whether they recognize it or not.”

“It would be nice to see more stories on how hair has changed women’s lives from a positive perspective. It is in this spirit that we wish to show the power of the Remy women.”

For more info on how to participate, please visit our website at

Bougee Hair Boutique caters to women who want to take the boredom out of life. Who want to raise their self expression to the next level. We don’t sell hair, we sell amazing experiences. Visit our online store to learn more about reinventing your lifestyle with Virgin Remy hair extensions.

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